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Fukie's twin

Appeared in:

Ju-on: Black Ghost


Fukie Yokota (twin sister) Kiwako Yokota (mother) Yokota (father) Mariko Matsuoka (aunt) Yoshieki Matsuoka (uncle) Takashi Matsuoka (cousin)







Portrayed by:

Hana Matsumoto

Fukie's unborn twin is the character from Ju-on: Black Ghost, portayed by Hana Matsumoto.

Biography Edit

Fukie's twin is a Fukie's twin sister, Kiwako's and Yokota's daughter, Mariko's and Yoshieki's niece and Takashi's cousin. She was absorbed by Fukie in Kiwako's womb, became a part of her body, and was never born properly. As a result she dies and becomes a spirit before even being born. She takes the form of a dark wrath and is the eponymous black ghost. At some point she begins to haunt Fukie and those around her.

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