Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge 2


Unknown/Likely deceased







Portrayed by:

Erika Kuroishi


Hiromi (ひろみ Hiromi) is a character appearing in Ju-on: The Grudge 2, portrayed by Erika Kuroishi.

Biography Edit

Hiromi is Izumi's, Chiharu's, Miyuki's, Saori's, Chiaki's and Ayano's friend and classmate. Hiromi meets Chiharu on a way to school, and tells her that her brother is in filming business and offered them an extra roles in a horror film he's making, starring actress Harase Kyoko. Hiromi was excited about this, and asked Chiharu to come with her to which she eventually agreed. Chiharu and Hiromi were cast as extras in the movie. Much later, Hiromi comes to Saeki house, and hears Chiharu inside. Chiharu begins banging on the door, and asking Hiromi to help her. Kayako grabs Chiharu, and drags her inside, which Hiromi sees. She backs away in fear and Kayako closes the door. Hiromi runs away from the house, encountering Keisuke on her way. What happened to her after this is unknown, but she was most likely killed by the curse eventually.

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