Hiroshi Kitada

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Curse
Ju-on: The Curse 2


Yoshimi Kitada (wife) (deceased)







Portrayed by:

Hua Rong Weng (as Kaei Ô)


Hiroshi Kitada (北田浩 Kitada Hiroshi) is a character from the Ju-on: The Curse series played by Hua Rong Weng. The husband of Yoshimi and a temporal owner of the Saeki house.


The Kitada couple came to the house sometime after two families dissapeared and a school teacher was found dead.

They drank the Sake offered by real state agent Tatsuya at Kyoko's request to ensure they can feel the presence of evil spirits within the house. They liked it according to Tatsuya and bought the house, however, the actual reason why Kyoko was able to sense something was wrong before was because she was gifted with sensitivity while the Kitada weren't.

One morning, Yoshimi recieved a mail from an unknown source which contained Toshio's drawns and Kayako's journal, which end up possessing her. She prepared a burned breakfast for Hiroshi, which enraged him and started to complain only for Yoshimi to simply hit him with the frying pan, killing him.

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