They were the first family to live in that house since the discovery in the attic three years ago.

Igarashi to Nakagawa, The Grudge




Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Grudge
The Grudge
The Grudge 1.5


Deceased (Ju-on)
Unknown, likely deceased (The Grudge)





Portrayed by:

Daisuke Honda (Ju-on)
Hiroshi Matsunaga (The Grudge)


Igarashi (五十嵐 Igarashi) is a character of Ju-on: The Grudge and The Grudge, portrayed by Daisuke Honda in Ju-on and Hiroshi Matsunaga in The Grudge. He is a detective who, along with his colleague Nakagawa, investigated the murders of the Tokunaga family (Williams family in the remake) in the Saeki House but eventually both suffered the same fate as the others.


Ju-on: The Grudge (Ju-on timeline)Edit

Detective Igarashi is first seen with Detective Nakagawa after Hirohashi found Rika traumatized and Sachie Tokunaga dead. After further investigation in the house, they found the bodies of Katsuya and Kazumi in the attic.

He calls Nakagawa as he was interrogating Rika to inform him about the reports of the Saeki family, the original family who lived in the house prior to the Tokunagas and two other families. He also informs they weren't able to contact Katsuya's younger sister, Hitomi and that a security guard where she works was found dead.

Igarashi recruits Yuji Toyama, a former detective who lead the Saeki investigation and the only one left who knew about it. They reunite with Nakagawa to watch the security tapes of Hitomi's escape but he and Nakagawa left as the police found Hirohashi's body, leaving Toyama alone who was soon haunted by Kayako's shadow within the tape.

He and Nakagawa search for Toyama and assumed he went to the Saeki house. When they arrived, they found a disturbed Toyama being haunted by Kayako. They attempted to help him but Toyama was so scared to react and barely manages to escape, leaving them to be taken by the rancorous ghost instead.

The Grudge (The Grudge timeline)Edit

Detective Igarashi and Nakagawa appear after Alex found Karen and the body of Emma Williams laying in the floor. They hear Susan's voicemail so Nakagawa suggests to call her at work, otherwise, at her home.

They keep searching for evidence in the house until they reach the attic where they found the bodies of Matthew Williams and Jennifer Williams as well as Yoko's ripped jaw. They assume Matthew killed Jennifer and then commited suicide.

At the hospital, he informs Nakagawa they haven't found Susan Williams in her appartment but strangely found the chain lock had been drawn from the inside as if she actually came home.


Igarashi is not seen afterwards but is more than likely that the curse reached him too as he entered the house and had contact with many cursed individuals.


  • Aside the Saeki family, he and Nakagawa are the only characters who kept their original names in both franchises.
  • In an alternate scene where Karen meets Nakagawa for the last time, she's taken to another office instead where a detective informs her that Nakagawa and Igarashi were not at the moment. Then, she asks if they were dead and the detective baguely confirms it.

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