Jason Cutler, also simply known as Jason C is a character created by Sony Pictures Entertainment for the promotion of The Grudge 2An American student filmmaker, Jason went to visit the Grudge 2 sets in Japan and misteriously disappeared a few weeks later.[1][2][3] His blog was assumed by a roomate of his who continued the interviews with the cast and crew. All the interviews were posted at Jason's blog ( After Jason was reported missing, Sony Pictures released a missing persons file on its official blog.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Jason interviewed Sarah Michelle Gellar (Karen), Sarah Roemer (Lacey), Jenna Dewan (Sally), Matthew Knight (Jake) and a stressed Christopher Counsins (Bill). Knight was interviewed at the Chicago building set. Amber Tamblyn (Aubrey) was visibly disturbed by the curse and left her interview (the last to be made), with the ghost of Kayako briefly caught on camera.
  • Jason's ficticious blog created specifically for promotion is no longer available. Some of his interviews are, however, still available at the Grudge 2 official YouTube channel.


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