Jennifer Williams

Appeared in:

The Grudge


Matthew Williams (Husband)
Susan Williams (Sister-in-law)
Emma Williams (Mother-in-law)







Portrayed by:

Clea DuVall


Jennifer Williams is the wife of Matthew Williams.


She is unhappy in Japan because of her misunderstanding of the culture, inability to speak the language, and the fact that she doesn't like Emma. Her husband Matthew assures her that they will go back to the US if things don't improve. While Matthew is at work, she is awoken by the sound of a bowl hitting the floor.

After admonishing Emma for making the mess, she sees child's footprints going up the stairs, and follows them up to her (and Toshio's former) bedroom. She is killed by Toshio, who suffocates her on her bed in a vaguely fashion. Matthew then drags her body upstairs, which is discovered along with his by Detective Nakagawa. Their deaths are ruled as a murder suicide.

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