This is a list of deaths in the Japanese Ju-On series that counts the deaths in the flashbacks as well. It is a work in progress as of this point.

Ju-on: The CurseEdit

# Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death Notes
1. Kayako Saeki Neck snapped, throat crushed, stabbed repeatedly, throat slit Takeo Saeki No, flashbacks only Later became an onryo
2. Mar Stabbed to death in bathtube Takeo Saeki No, flashbacks only Later became an onryo
3. Toshio Saeki Unknown Kayako Saeki No, flashbacks only Later became an onryo
4. Manami Kobayashi Disemboweled Takeo Saeki No, flashbacks only
5. Anju Kobayashi Suffocated Takeo Saeki No, flashbacks only
6. Shunsuke Kobayashi Heart Attack Kayako Yes
7. Takeo Saeki Unknown Kayako Saeki Yes Later became an onryo
8. Yuki Dragged into attic Kayako Saeki Yes
9. Kanna Murakami Unknown Kayako Saeki Yes Death In Katasumi; corpse later possessed by Kayako Saeki and returned home to kill Noriko Murakami after losing jaw
10. Hisayo Yoshida Mangled Kayako Saeki/Kanna Murakami Yes
11. Tsuyoshi Murakami Unknown Toshio Saeki Yes Death In 4444444444; body never found
12. Mizuho Tamura Unknown Toshio Saeki Yes Body never found
13. Noriko Murakami Unknown Kanna/Kayako Saeki Yes Kayako possessed Kanna to kill her
14. Keiichi Murakami Unknown Kayako Saeki No Hospitalized; revealed dead in novelization

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