Miho Isobe
Буфер обмена-5

Appeared in:

Ju-on: White Ghost


Kentaro (husband)
Mirai (daughter)
Atsushi (stepson)
Haru (mother-in-law)






Human, later ghost



Portrayed by:

Sumire Arai

Miho Isobe is a character in Ju-on: White Ghost, portrayed by Sumire Arai.

Biography Edit

Miho is Kentaro's second wife, Haru's daughter-in-law, Mirai's mother, and Atsushi's, and Junko's stepmother. She and her family moved in the Matsuoka house, unaware that a family died there. Miho finds Matsuoka family photo in the kitchen. Later, she talks to Junko in a bathroom, and notices that a price is very low. Junko jokingly tells her that maybe someone died here. Miho is unsettled by this and Junko notices that she doesn't have a sense of humor. In the night before Christmas, Miho orders a Christmas cake. Atsushi kills Miho by stabbing her in a back with a kitchen knife. Later, Fumiya meets her spirit while delivering the cake.

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