[1] Dr. Miki haten

age: 45

status: deceased

Shawnee smith who potrayed Miki's voice

Dr. Miki hatena was Erika's mother who appears in The grudge (video game)

when the hatena's moved in the saeki house Miki shortly collapsed on the floor

she was put in a hospital in which the game's 2 level is based on after waking

up because of a telephone ring she seems to have been the only person in the

hospital searching threw the empty hallways of the hospital at one point she

sees a shadowy person and says what is happening only to find out that

the person was kayako after discovering she runs to the rooftop and after

calming down a while toshio grabs her feet she almost falls but she sees

kayako behind her and kayako and Miki fall only kayako lives but Miki dies

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