Be hurry... I'm scared... Come here... - Mirai's ghost

Mirai Isobe

Appeared in:

Ju-on: White Ghost


Kentaro (father)
Miho (mother)
Atsushi (brother)
Haru (grandmother)
Junko (aunt)







Portrayed by:

Chinami Iwamoto


Mirai Isobe (磯部未来, Isobe Mirai) is a character from Ju-on: White Ghost, portrayed by Chinami Iwamoto. Mirai is the spiteful ghost of a decapitated little girl, the youngest in her family, who was abused and murdered by her possessed older brother Atsushi.


Her family moved to a new house, where Atsushi found a mirror in an empty room. Something from inside the mirror possessed and changed him, and Mirai started to suffer of his sexual abuse. Mirai seeked help from her sensitive friend Akane, who noticed something wrong in the house and was kicked out by Atsushi. From her bedroom's window, Mirai screamed and called for Akane, who only ran away fearful. Two days before Christmas, Atsushi succumbed and murdered his whole family, leaving Mirai for last. Helpless, Mirai was decapitated by Atsushi, who took her head to a distant forest and left the body on the bed.



The ghost of Mirai manifests to Akane.

In the forest, Atsushi set a casette to record and climbed to hang himself. The tape recorded Mirai's words from the afterlife, calling for him, as her ghostly head stared at him. The casette and the Isobe house remained cursed by Mirai and her grandmother Haru's grudge. As Atsushi had gone to the forest by taxi, his driver Hajime, the father of Akane, was warned that he had transported a "family killer" and was suddenly surprised by a vision of Atsushi in the back seat. As he ran to check, Mirai's ghostly hands ripped his head off. Akane had grown guilty for not helping her friend in the past and, still a sensitive, was still visited by visions of Mirai. While playing Kokkuri with her schoolmates, the ghost of Mirai manifested and Akane quicly left, leaving her friends puzzled. Home, Mirai's spirit left her bear keychain from their childhood to Akane, as keepsake.

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Mirai's name (未来, mirai) means "future" in Japanese, enhancing the nature of her timeless grudge curse which is able to affect the past, when she was still alive, from the future.


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