Nakagawa Kawamata
Nawamaka Kamawata

Appeared in:

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 3 (mentioned)


Kayako Saeki (Daughter) (Deceased/Onryō)
Naoko Kawamata (Daughter) (Deceased/Onryō)







Portrayed by:

Kim Miyori


Nakagawa Kawamata (川俣中川 Kawamata Nakagawa) was Kayako Saeki's and Naoko Kawamata's mother. When Kayako was little girl, Nakagawa was an exorcist and fed the blood of the demons to Kayako, which scarred Kayako for life. In The Grudge 2, Nakagawa is killed when Kayako gives her a heart attack.


Early LifeEdit

Nakagawa was a cruel mother who during her life as an itako (a Japanese exorcist), she used Kayako as containment vessel for repelled evil spirits: During exorcism ritual, the practice was involving sucking out a certain amount of blood from possessed victim and someone had to drink the blood so that person's body serves as some sort of prison of the said spirits. Nakagawa would forced Kayako to perform the latter's job. Kayako's other sister, Naoko, was made to watch these horrific exorcisms, which made Naoko frightened of her mother and Kayako hate her mother.

She was living a reclusive life in an old hovel of a cottage when Aubrey came to visit her, having heard of her from Eason, a journalist investigating the paranormal. When Eason was killed by Kayako, Aubrey decided to end it and went to see Mrs. Kawamata, who refused to help Aubrey, because she said a chain of events had been set into motion which could never go away. She also stated the curse would take over the world.

Suddenly, Mrs. Kawamata saw her daughter's ghost in the room with her, invisible to Aubrey, and Mrs. Kawamata screamed and fell backwards, trying to escape, but her daughter's ghost knelt down before her and killed her via cardiac arrest, claiming her mother avenged her cruelty to her and her sister.


  • Though the character was made exclusive for The Grudge film series, Nakagawa's Ju-On series counterpart does exist as revealed in official novel written by Kei Ohishi. The difference however, Nakagawa's counterpart in Ju-On was simply neglectful instead of outright cruel.
  • Although Nakagawa did not went and step inside the Saeki house it is likely that she was curse through Aubrey.

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