Nanami is a character from Ju-on: The Beginning of The End, portrayed by Reina Triendl.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End







Portrayed by:

Reina Triendl


Biography Edit

Nanami is a sensitive and timid schoolgirl and is friends with Aoi, Rina, and Yayoi. She is teased and dragged along with her friends to the mysterious house on the hill believed to be haunted. While she chose to wait outside while her friends went exploring, Rina pulls her in. As the girls looked around the empty house, she hears a noise coming from the upstairs bedroom and goes to investigate.

Upon entering the room, Nanami experiences strange occurrences such as blood seeping from the floor and the closet and the bedroom door being locked and encounters the ghost of Toshio. She is eventually released from the room and is teased by her friends who leave the house out of boredom while she leaves scared for her life.

Nanami and her friends’ lives would never be the same after their visit to Toshio's house. A few days later Yayoi mysteriously disappears, Rina becomes a delusional shut in, fearful of the white child trying to come after her and taping closets, drawers and windows in her room. And eventually, Rina and Aoi are taken by the curse as well.

Unknowingly, the last girl left in her group, Nanami spots what appears to be Rina and Aoi on the same train with her. As she approaches them and call out their names, she is shocked to see that they are disfigured ghosts and screams in terror as she crawls away she sees a giant apparition of Yayoi on the train and before she knows it, Nanami is teleported back to the house.

As she tries to escape, Nanami slips on some mysterious fluid and is dragged away into another room by some invisible force that slams her against the walls, dragging her all over the floor and levitating and slamming her hard against the ground. Nanami tried to apologize to the angry ghost, only to be dragged away to her death and disappear, mere moments before Aoi's sister comes to the house with a married couple interested in living there.