Noriko Murakami

Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Curse
Ju-on: Video Side


Kanna (daughter)
Tsuyoshi (son)
Keiichi (husband)







Portrayed by:

Yumi Yoshiyuki


Noriko Murakami (村上典子 Murakami Noriko) is a character from Ju-on: The Curse, portrayed by Yumi Yoshiyuki. Noriko is the mother of Tsuyoshi and Kanna, who crosses paths with the grudge curse after moving into the vacant Saeki house


At one point, Noriko bought the vacant house from real state agent Tatsuya Suzuki, unware of its murderous past. Noriko was a lovable woman onto her children but Kanna was often mean to her.

One afternoon, Noriko returned home and received a call from Tsuyoshi's girlfriend Mizuho, who looked for him. While they talked, Noriko noticed someone arriving home and, expecting it to be Tsuyoshi, Noriko went after him. However, she saw the mysterious figure's trail of blood left on the staircase, as it went upstairs.

Noriko recognized Kanna and called for her, having a horrifying surprise when "Kanna" turned and stared at her mother, covered in blood and without her jaw.


While watching the lonely Nobuyuki on his way to school, detectives Iizuka and Kamio recollected the mysterious events related to the Saeki house including the Murakami family, and Kamio mentioned that "the mother and daughter died".

Notes and triviaEdit

  • Kamio's recollection implies that Noriko's corpse was eventually found. He also mentions her hospitalized husband who also have gone missing and may have been cursed through her while she visited him.
  • Noriko's demise is referenced in The Grudge when Alex, following its trail of blood, is haunted by Yoko's jawless apparition and screams in fear.


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