Reo is a character from Ju-on: The Final, portrayed by Nonoko Ono.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Final


Unnamed mother
Unnamed father
Kayako Saeki (aunt)
Takeo Saeki (uncle)
Toshio Saeki (alleged cousin)






Human, later ghost



Portrayed by:

Nonoka Ono


Biography Edit

Reo is the Takeo's sister's and her husband's daughter, Takeo's and Kayako's niece and Toshio's alleged cousin. She lived with her father and mother in their house and was friends and classmates with Midori and Madoka. They apparently weren't close to Takeo, didn't see him for many years and didn't even know about his death for a long time. At some point, her father died from unknown reasons, possibly from the curse. Soon after that, Reo's mother found out about what happened to Takeo and Kayako and decided to adopt Toshio. When Toshio came to their house, Reo met him and initially tried to be friendly towards him and tried to befriend him, but he was mute and unsocial and completely ignored her. Soon, spirits started to haunt Reo and her mother, bothering them even at night and preventing them from sleep. After many strange occurences and several sleepless nights, Reo began to sense that Toshio is somehow connected to what is happening and started to be creeped out by him and fear him. She also began to be afraid to stay home alone, especially at night, so one day at school she asked Madoka and Midori to go with her to her house and spend a night with her. Reo tried to kill Toshio, but was grabbed and eventually killed by Kayako who breaked her in half. When Sota later came to their house, he found no traces of their bodies. When Mai came to their house later, Reo and her mother appeared to her and scared her before disappearing.

Trivia Edit

  • Reo's death is perhaps the most brutal in the series.