Rina is a character from Ju-on: The Beginning of The End, portayed by Miho Kanazawa.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End







Portrayed by:

Miho Kanazawa


Biography Edit

Rina is Aoi's, Yayoi's and Nanami's friend. She was one of the friends that teased Nanami, but merely out of fun not spite. Rina and the others go to the abandoned house on the hill to see if the rumors of the house being haunted was true. Bored with what looked like a plain vacant home, Rina and her friends leave. However, their lives would never be the same after their visit there. After Yayoi disappeared in school, Rina kept seeing Toshio to the point where she became unhinged and hysterical, locked herself in her room and covered her windows with newspapers and taped her drawers and closet shut to prevent Toshio from coming after her. However it wasn't enough to keep Toshio out. Nanami and Aoi came to visit her and were frightened away by her behaviour and Toshio influencing the room. That afternoon, while making tea, she is haunted by Toshio again who turns the milk in blood. One side of Rina's face gets burned by the steam from the tea kettle. As she screams in pain, Toshio hands reach out to her and grab her from the refrigerator and drag her to her death. She later appears as a ghost with her face bloody from her injury to Nanami on the train.