Appeared in:

The Grudge 2







Portrayed by:

Jenna Dewan


Sally is a character of The Grudge 2. She is Lacey's best friend and her neighbor in the Chicago Apartment Building. She is portrayed by Jenna Dewan.


Sally appears in the Chicago segment of the storyline. She lived in the apartment alongside the Kimbles and the Flemings.

When Trish moved to the apartment, she helped Lacey with the cleanup. She is later seen going to school with Lacey and Jake.

Once the curse arrived to the apartment and started to kill everyone, Sally was eventually reached and assumed a strange behavior. Lacey asked her opinnion about her cheerleader dress but she started to drink a Milk jerry can, then spit it inside and drink it again much to Lacey's confusion and soon left because a call from Jake.

As everyone was sleeping that night, she was seen suffocated with Toshio staring at her.


  • Jenna Dewan was among the actors interviewed by Jason Cutler. She started to find long black hair inside hers, gets terrified and quickly leaves.

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