1971 Edit

Kayako Kawamata is born.
Takeo Seaki is born

1976 Edit

Kayako is fed evil spirts by her mother.

1987 Edit

Kayako seaki falls in love with Peter Kirk.

1993 Edit

Kayako and Takeo marry.
Toshio seaki is born

2001 Edit

The seaki murders begin leading to an curse.
Peter Kirk commits suicide.

2004 Edit

The events of The Grudge take place.
Karen Davis burns the house down.
Events of The Grudge 2 take place.
Karen is killed.
Aubrey takes over the Seaki house.

2006 Edit

Allison Fleming spreads the curse to an apartment.
The events of The Grude 3 take place
Naoko Kawamata, Kayako sister, is killed trying to stop the curse.
It is proven the curse will never end.

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