Yayoi is a character from Ju-on: The Beginning of the End and Ju-on: The Final, portayed by Yuina Kuroshima.


Appeared in:

Ju-on: The Beginning of the End

Ju-on: The Final


Midori (younger sister)







Portrayed by:

Yuina Kuroshima


Background Edit

Yayoi is Midori's older sister and Aoi's, Rina's and Nanami's friend. A bit more sympathetic towards Nanami and her fears, she tries to reassure her to put her fears at ease as her and the others go exploring the house on the hill. While exploring the house, Yayoi comes across three crudely drawn pictures depicting people dying; One that looks like someone being pulled under their bedsheets, another with a bloody face and one with what looks like their lower jaw removed. Yayoi, Rina, and Aoi laugh it off, not knowing the true meaning.behind the drawings.

After her visit, Yayoi is the first victim in her group to be taken by the curse. While resting from a basketball game, she notice the stage curtain moving about, as if someone was walking behind it. She goes backstage and sees nothing but a closed piano. As Yayoi is about to turn away she hears something banging on the piano keys and finds the piano mysteriously opened and feels two hands grabbing at her legs. Frightened, she runs to the school infirmary. Finding it empty, she goes to a bed and pull the sheets over her. She feels something strange underneath her and finds the crude drawing that she saw at the house. And before she knew it, Toshio appeared under the bedsheets and dragged her away. Both disappering.

Yayoi would later appear as an giant apparition to frighten Nanami and years later to her younger sister Midori. A ghost under Toshio's control, she kills her sister using superhuman strength to throw Midori through the ceiling of a karaoke booth with her head stuck through it.

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